Duac Gel

Duac Gel is a dermatological solution that is used for inflammatory acne. It is a powerful solution that contains clyindamycin and benzoyl peroxide in a base. While this preparation works well for many patients in some cases there is a resistance that builds to the clyindamycin and actually increases the level of acne.

Duac is a prescription strength topical gel that can only be prescribed by your dermatologist. This topical ointment can easily clear up some of the most stubborn acne but it is not without risk. There are several side effects that were unexplained and could not be directly related to using the ointment but the symptoms started when the ointment was used and decreased when the ointment was discontinued.


The most common side effect that most people experience is enhanced sensitivity of their skin. They may feel tingling,a burning sensation or a numbness. This feeling typically disappears as the skin gets used to the ointment.

If increased sensitivity continues contacting the dermatologist that prescribed the ointment should be considered. Usually after a two week period of continued use the symptoms should subside but in some people the length of time is longer and it can take up to four weeks.

Swelling and More Serious Reactions

There are rare instances where the side effects are more serious and need immediate medical attention. In some patients swelling of the face and neck occur this can be a very serious side effect and should be addressed immediately.

Peeling and severe dry skin can also occur and should be addressed immediately as well. Painful blisters can also develop in very rare instances. Seeking medical attention immediately and of course stop using the ointment if you experience any of the most severe side effects.

A Very Rare Case

According to available literature there was a 14 year old male that reported ringing in his ear after using the ointment. When he stopped using the ointment the ringing did not completely stop but did reduce. When he began using the ointment again the ringing increased again.

There has been no further testing to see if the Duac was in fact the cause of the ear ringing but there have not been any other reports of this potential side effect.

Clinical Studies

According to clinical double blind studies Duac Gel has repeatedly performed as expected. The Duac Gel compared to those using the placebo showed a 60% improvement in the skin 100% of the time. Also according to the clinical studies only 13% of the 2000 people that were involved in the clinic study experienced side effects greater than tingling of the skin and a slight burning feeling. 87% of study participants reported no negative side effects at all.

Drug Interactions

This is a topical ointment and it is strongly recommended to avoid negative interactions that it is used on its own on clean dry skin. Follow all the directions carefully and if you have any questions do not hesitate to ask your dermatologist.

Overall Duac is an easy to use topical gel with minimal side effects for the treatment of severe acne. Let your dermatologist know if you have any allergies to any of the ingredients including the non active ingredients to avoid the most severe side effects.

Also advise your doctor about any medications you are taking and that you have applied to your skin in the last month. Avoid exposure to the sun when you are using Duac because your skin may be more prone to sunburn while using this preparation. Over exposure to the sun may also enhance the feeling of burning and itching!

New NHS Prescription Service transforms the way that clients and medical professionals interact with prescription drugs

The UK has always had programs where prescription medications were provided to the medical clients and patients outside of the hospital setting, relying on pharmacies in dispensaries to make sure that prescriptions were filled correctly, accurately, and on time.

And while this was a system that worked relatively well for some time – the truth of the matter is that more than a few “cracks” were starting to show on this traditional way of doing business and prescribing solutions. New technology, new workflows, and a whole host of exciting new solutions have all been designed and developed to streamline the medical industry in general – and the brand-new NHS Prescription Service is just one more step in the right direction.

How does the NHS Prescription Service work?

No longer are you going to have to worry about a pharmacy or dispensary not having all the information that they need to provide you with your prescription. Instead of providing you with a “hard copy” prescription, medical physicians, general practitioners, and trusted and trained medical professionals are all going to be able to create digital prescriptions that are immediately and instantly uploaded to the NHS Prescription Service.

At the same time, those digital prescriptions will be forwarded directly to the “home pharmacy” that you designate all on your own. This means that the pharmacy that you trust the most, a pharmacy in close proximity to where you live or where you work will always get your prescription the moment that it’s created – as well as have all of the information as far as recurring prescriptions are concerned as well.

Instant distribution of critical information

The biggest reason that this is such a large leap forward for the UK health industry in general is that it finally streamlines the distribution of mission-critical medical information across all of the different services that need it.

In the traditional platform, you would have to act as the “messenger” between your medical professional and the pharmacy or dispensary of your choice – all of that is a limited today.

Now, the minute that your doctor creates a digital prescription it is distributed to your home pharmacy instantly, and a whole host of other network pharmacies and dispensaries inside of 24 hours or less.

This all but guarantees that you’ll be able to get the necessary prescription medication when you need it, without any headache or hassle whatsoever.


When Star Trek premiered in 1966, it debuted with a vision of a future made better by idealism and idealized technology alike. More than forty years after Captain Kirk first called Scotty on his communicator, we have cellphones, and more than twenty-five years after Captain Picard had face-to-face chats with admirals and aliens on a tablet-like device, here we are enjoying face-to-face chats from across the globe via Skype and an iPad. As a result, online consulting is quick becoming the way of the future in a great many industries—and here are just four reasons why online consultations with your physician might be a profitable extension of this trend.

  • A MORE EFFICIENT MEANS OF COMMUNICATION: There’s an old saying—“time is money.” Cliché as it may seem, there’s definitely some truth to that statement, especially in today’s fast-paced society, where time is at an all-time premium. Couple that with the fact that doctor’s appointments can make for the worst of both worlds when it comes to the cost factor—taking you way from work (and thus limiting your earning power) while leading to the added costs which can be associated with scheduling and then traveling to a doctor’s appointment, and the financial impetus for working towards a more online approach becomes clear.
  • LESS HASSLE: If you’ve ever been to a doctor’s office, chances are you’re familiar with the traditional list of questions your doctor and his nurses care to ask. If you go especially often due to an ongoing condition, you may even have these questions memorized. The medical industry is becoming more and more digitized every year, as records and questionnaires are being found more and more on apps and iPads rather than an old-fashioned pad of paper. An online approach to appointments and consultations can allow you to fill out these questionnaires digitally or else simply “call” the office, answer these questions quickly for nurse via Skype, and go about your day.
  • CONVENIENCE: It should be noted that in an era where it can be so tempting to cut back on expenses, medical expenses are one of the true necessities of life—in order to live a happy, healthy, long life, you’re going to need regular medical attention and checkups. That being said, however, it costs money to drive over to a doctor’s office, and it can sometimes be difficult to schedule a visit in person due to a busy schedule. As such, online consultations can prove a great solution for parents caught in a time crunch and seeking convenience and leeway when scheduling appointments.
  • EMERGENCY ROOMS: It’s imperative to keep the ER as free as possible so it can treat patients who are in need of emergency care. To that end, online consultations can ensure that you get the medical attention you need and deserve without clogging up the ER.

Make Headaches History with Natracalm

Headaches seem to be par for the course for most of us. Whether it’s from the kids, work, the stress of the holidays or something else, many of us have come to the conclusion that there’s not much we can do. In fact, most of us don’t even bother with normal, over the counter tablets as they just don’t seem to do the trick. This doesn’t need to be the case though. We can fight headaches and, best of all, we can do it with over the counter solutions. Keep reading to find out how Natracalm can help.

Introducing Natracalm

The medicine’s active ingredient is known as “passiflora” or passion flower. When consumed, it has been shown to relief everything from stress to nervous tension. In fact, many people with far more serious afflictions, like PTSD, bipolar personality disorder and other such ailments have found success with Natracalm.

How Passion Flower Helps

These seem like tall claims, of course, which they are. So it helps to better understand what passion flower can do. Its leaves are full of beta-carboline harmala alkaloids. If you’re not familiar with them, they help support monoamine oxidase enzymes. These natural enzymes help to break down neurotransmitters in a way that can slow, stall or even stop mental ailments that result in headaches and other disorders. Their efficacy goes as far back as the Native Americans, from whom the settling Europeans learned about the flower.

Is Natracalm Right for Me?

If you’re experiencing headaches due to serious issues like depression or others mentioned above, always contact a doctor first. However, if you have their approval or suffer from simple headaches brought on by stress or anxiety, Natracalm may be right for you. It can cause many soothing effects without the mental weight a lot of prescription pills come with and at a far more affordable cost.

As with any medicine, even after you have your doctor’s approval, you should be sure to read the direction on the package carefully and report to your physician if you experience any negative side effects.

For people caught between the rock and a hard place of run-of-the-mill aspirin or prescription medicine when it comes to their headaches, relief is on the way. Thanks to Natracalm, you can get the relief you need to relax.


Protect Your Loved Ones From the Sun’s Harmful Rays

Although sunlight is necessary for people to live, it also causes significant damage to our health if we get too much. Sunlight contains what’s known as ultraviolet, infrared and visible light rays.

Ultraviolet rays often reach their peak levels during the time between 11AM and 3PM in the summer months (10AM to 2PM GMT). Even though ultraviolet rays are associated with sunlight, UV radiation isn’t directly related to temperature. That means that people can get sun burn while doing everyday activities or even when the weather isn’t clear.

On cooler and cloudy days, ultraviolet radiation can cause unseen damage to the skin. This damage can actually cause skin cancers, one of the most common cancers today. All skin types and colors are susceptible to UV radiation; children, in particular, are more susceptible to this form of radiation, as their skin is more delicate.

What SunSense does

The SunSense range of skin protection products includes sunscreens for everyone of any age and skin type. This sunscreen has been ‘specially formulated using high quality ingredients that are known to completely bond to skin.’

Every SunSense product is unique in its overall formulation, though each and every available product provides protection for both UVA and UVB radiation. These products are also free of lanolin and PABA derivatives, while also being thoroughly tested by dermatologists. It has been found to have the ‘highest Sun Protection Factor’ available when compared to other sunscreen products on today’s market.

These products are available for people who are involved in sports to those that need sun protection on a daily basis.

How to use

When applied your skin correctly, it helps effectively protect your skin from potential damage stemming from UVA and UVB radiation.

Always apply it at least 15 minutes before you head outdoors. You should also apply at least more than a half-teaspoon (about 3ml) of sunscreen to your arms, face and neck. More than 1 teaspoon (1ml) should be applied to your legs and body. Apply evenly; you can use a mirror to evenly apply the sunscreen to your face.

Re-apply it  every 2 to 4 hours as directed by the product’s instructions. Use the sunscreen generously and reapply when necessary on a frequent basis. You can also use SunSense‘s Aftersun Cooling Creme Gel to further hydrate your skin if it continues to feel dry after long sun exposure.

Natracalm Fighting Headaches


Natracalm is a traditional, over-the-counter, herbal remedy derived from the passion flower (“passiflora”). It’s used to relieve stress, nervous tension, bipolar disorders, post-traumatic stress syndrome, borderline personality disorders, and to prevent or mitigate migraine headaches. It comes in the form of a tablet that is taken orally with meals.


The leaves of the passion flower contain beta-carboline harmala alkaloids that inhibit MAO (Monoamine Oxidase) enzymes, which cause the breakdown of monoamine neurotransmitters and so contribute to such conditions as atypical depression and Parkinson’s disease. Passiflora-based teas were used by Native Americans as analgesics and for the treatment of insomnia, hysteria, and epilepsy. Because of their efficacy, passiflora remedies were subsequently adopted by the continent’s European settlers, and since have achieved international recognition for their naturally calming effects.


Passiflora-based treatments typically are used by people who suffer from heightened stress, anxiety, nervousness, and related afflictions, but don’t want to submit to heavy prescription drugs or prefer alternatives to Western-style medical practices. They’re looking for lighter, more natural options, and passiflora, proven over the centuries as a mild sedative, frequently fills the bill. The Internet abounds with testimonials to its benefits. To cite but a few…

“…the effects were INSTANT. Within ten minutes of taking the first tablet, I felt calmer…”

“…they really do help with panic attacks and general anxiety…”

“…I have been asked if it’s just a placebo effect, but I am convinced that it’s not. Definitely a big thumbs-up from me…”

Also, at roughly $0.20 per tablet, passiflora is considerably more affordable than many mainstream pharmaceutical medications for treating nervous disorders.


As is the case with any medicine or pharmaceutical product, one should consult with one’s doctor or medical professional prior to using this product. Be careful to read the instructions that come with the package. (In fact, many manufacturers strongly recommend keeping the instructions with you for the duration of use.) Side effects can include dizziness, confusion, uncoordinated or irregular muscle action, altered consciousness, and inflamed blood vessels. It should not be taken with antidepressants, or by people under eighteen years of age, or by women who are pregnant or breastfeeding, or by people who are driving or operating machinery.

If the recommended dosage is exceeded, seek medical attention. It’s unlikely that a mild overdose will cause a medical emergency, but a doctor or pharmacist should be consulted at the earliest convenience. If a dose is skipped, do NOT double-dose afterward to make up for it. Just continue to take the medicine at the prescribed rate.

Bacterial infections can be treated with antibiotics

Several diseases are all-the-more contagious when surrounded by hundreds of people per day. Those who are frequent travelers understand the risks to their health every time they pack their bags. Among the many diseases that are highly contagious for such individuals are pneumonia, bronchitis, sinus and ear infections, and strep throat. Contracting these and other bacterial infections can create problems for the frequent traveler.

Treatment for bacterial infections

The best treatment for a bacterial infection is prevention. Doing whatever is possible to prevent contracting an infection is the best way to stay healthy while traveling. To prevent the spread of bacteria, do the following:

• Always wash your hands after using the restroom and before eating a meal.

• Avoid highly populated areas when possible, and stay away from anyone visibly sick.

• Drink from bottled water instead of public water fountains.

• Avoid or limit touching everyday things like handrails and door handles, if possible.

Through a proper course of prevention and common-sense planning, it’s very simple to travel without contracting a bacterial disease. Sometimes, however, even with the tools of prevention at your side, it’s still possible to contract a bacterial infection.

Zithromax can help battle infections

Like all antibiotics, Zithromax (azithromycin) works against bacteria where they’re present in the body, singling them out and attacking infections wherever they may occur. Zithromax is prescribed for many bacterial infections, including pneumonia and strep throat, and has also been found to effectively treat symptoms of COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease). It can be taken as a pill or mixed with a drink as a powder.

Recently, the Food and Drug Administration has warned against the use of Zithromax for those with heart problems. Zithromax can cause rare heart rhythms, and those with heart conditions should let their physician know beforehand to avoid complications with the drug.

Save Time with an Online Consultation

In the age of technological advancements, our daily routines are constantly being refined to take advantage of the digital world. One area that has seen some contention, however, is the proposition of online doctor consultations. Why? Because even doctors themselves don’t seem to understand exactly what they entail. This is unfortunate, as digital consultations have many advantages for patients. Raising awareness about the advantages of an online consultation is the first step toward implementing this innovative system nationwide.

Why should I have an online consultation with my Doctor? 

  • Less wasted time

One of the major problems most individuals have with booking routine doctor’s appointments is making a time that can fit around both work and parental commitments. Often, patients are required to take at least half a day off work to accommodate a measly ten minute appointment. This could be eliminated by allowing patients to have consultations from the comfort of their own homes via Skype.

Additionally, many of the questions doctors ask repeat patients on annual visits are repetitive and time consuming. By giving patients online questionnaires to fill out, much of the appointment preamble could be removed. Many patients would even find that there was no need to book a face-to-face appointment and save themselves the trouble. 

  • Suitable for parents with poor mobility

Less and less doctors are willing to make home visits these days, as they are inconvenient and not cost effective. However, parents with children or people with mobility problems will know how difficult it can be to make it to the doctor’s office and sit around in the waiting room indefinitely. With online consultations, patients would be able to remain calm and comfortable in their own homes while waiting to be seen to by the doctor.

This initiative would also remove some of the concerns faced by immunocompromised patients who risk exposure to infection when around other sick individuals at the doctor’s office. 

  • Frees up emergency rooms

Emergency rooms around the nation are constantly overloaded, leading to a less rich doctor/patient dialogue. Many patients in emergency do not need to be there. If these patients were able to consult a doctor via an online system, many would be happy to leave the emergency room available for people with more serious or life-threatening ailments.

In our rapidly progressing world, it’s only sensible that we reassess the relationship between doctors and their patients. While face-to-face visits will always be important, both time and stress on the part of the patient could be avoided by implementing an effective online consultations system.

How the NHS Prescription Services Works

In England, when drugs are prescribed outside of the hospital, a wing of the National Health Service Business Authority reimburses and remunerates those pharmacists or doctors for medications and medical devices given to patients who filled out a NHS form.  This wing of the NHS Business Authority is called NHS Prescription Services.  The NHS is the publicly funded healthcare system for all of the United Kingdom.  It is the largest single-payer healthcare system in the world.

Prescriptions Under NHS

Prescriptions made under NHS are charged a nominal rate in England of £7.85 or they are free in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.  Some patients are exempt for paying for them if they are over 60, under the age of 16 (or 19 if they are in school full-time), have certain medical conditions or if they are unable to pay due to their income level.

If a patient requires repeated prescriptions for a condition, they can get a pre-paid certificate they only have to make one payment for and they can get unlimited prescriptions while the certificate is valid.  With the raising costs of prescriptions, this means that pharmacists, prescribing physicians and others often lose money when they issue prescriptions under NHS.  To make up for that NHS is responsible for reimbursements and remunerations for NHS receiving prescription services.

Distribution of Information

NHS Prescription Services also provides information to over 25,000 managing organizations or prescribers within NHS.  They make available information on prescribing medications, information about drugs, and financial information as well.  By doing this, they can find the most cost effective ways of using prescription medications.  Due to the ever escalating prices of medications, the NHS could reconsider whether or not they should pay for more expensive drugs.

Processing Payments

NHS Prescription Services tries to process payments as quickly as they can.  They use high speed scanners to sort through the information they are sent in order to reimburse pharmacists and others for their medications.  If they scanner cannot read the information sent through them, the information is sent back to an operator that will manually process the information if possible.

Some of the information read by these scanners includes the quantity of drugs prescribed, the strength of the medication, how it was presented and the patient’s information showing they are exempt from paying for their prescriptions.  By scanning this information, they can process quickly and send out their payments quickly.

Soothe Away that Discomfort: Anusol

Anusol is a leading brand of medication used for the soothing and relief of discomfort caused by piles. Piles are essentially internal or external haemorrhoids of the rectal or anal region. They can produce very unstable pain and soreness resulting from itching, burning, swelling, or other uncomfortable symptoms. This product medication will certainly relieve these symptoms and lead the patient to a much happier recovery.

What causes piles?

To first understand the use of the medication, it is imperative to first study the nature of the problem. Piles, the most uncomfortable medical issue, is associated with anal or anal area bleeding, itching, swelling, burning, and irritation. It is generally caused by a strain during bowel movements, pregnancy, or based on family history of the condition. Although most patients with this condition are too humiliated to search for help with the condition; however, there are products that greatly reduce the problem such as this product, Anusol.

What are the ingredients?

The first question generally asked when in reference to a type of treatment or medication is ‘what makes it so good?’ or ‘what is in it’. The active ingredients are the main fighters in the war against piles. In this case, there are approximately three active ingredients.

  1. Zinc oxide: This acts as an antiseptic while helping heal the rawness of skin, manage swelling, and soothe the pain.
  2. Balsam Peru: This is also a more serene antiseptic, but it is the most active healer of the ingredients.
  3. Bismuth oxide: This is an astringent and helps with tenderness around the area of the anus.

How can it be taken?

The form of this medication can be found in a variety of options to suit anyone’s taste. There are creams and ointments, as well as suppositories available for the types of entry method. The creams or ointments are mostly for topical purposes, while the suppositories are the entrance into the rectum through the method of drug insertion. The difference sources provide different effects, pros, and cons for the treatment.

Do Not Hesitate!

Although having piles might seem as if it is overwhelming and providing the most discomfort, it is comforting to know that there is an excellent medication driven to providing healing, soothing, and curing treatment to your body. If you find yourself diagnosed with piles, do not hesitate to trust this most well-known haemorrhoid management. The worst mistake that you can make is to delay treatment.

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